The First Date

Vicktery remembers: We went on our first date after a month or so of knowing each other. Justin and I met in September 2010 when we were interning at the U.S. State Department. Justin was only a few desks away and I would always stop by his desk to ask him to lunch. One day, I decided to ask Justin for his number and a few weeks later, we finally went on our first date. Our first date consisted of watching Paranormal Activity 2 and hanging out in my dorm room – not romantic at all. We met up on a Friday night (October 22nd to be exact – yes I still remember the date) and went to the Georgetown movie theater. I remember trying so hard to look my best and impress him, and then he shows up with a Bob Marley t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket that was too big on him. I wasn’t impressed. We get to the movie theater and I, in an attempt to seem independent, did not let him pay for my movie ticket. He thought I was so weird. During the movie, there was no hand-holding, no attempts to kiss me, etc. So far, it was turning out to be a very awkward date. After the movie, we decided to walk back to my dorm on campus to hang out. My roommates were super excited to meet him because I talked about him all the time. Finally, at the end of the night I did get my kiss. And after our first date, we were inseparable.





According to Justin:

I never caught on that Vicktery liked me. Our coworkers would tell me that she was into me and I never paid attention to them. We would always go to lunch together and one day she asked me for my number. I still didn’t think much of it (I am bad at taking cues). I suggested we go see Paranormal Activity 2 on our first date. We met up by the Foggy Bottom metro after some confusion because my phone was constantly not working. We get to the movie theater and she wouldn’t let me pay for her ticket. I thought it was strange, but I wasn’t complaining. After the movie, we went back to her dorm room and she finally got her kiss that she had been fishing for all night. She always makes fun of my outfit that night, but all I remember was that I was very cold and my jacket kept me nice and warm – even if she didn’t like it.







Silly Little Things

Justin: Vicktery likes to talk in baby voices a lot for no specific reason, especially when she giggles.

Vicktery: Justin likes to wander around the house dancing and making up his own songs. Some mornings he wakes up and starts dancing in his underwear.




Falling in Love

Justin: I love Vicktery’s kindness. She always has a smile on her face and is a very empathetic person.

Vicktery: I love how funny and silly Justin is. He always knows how to make me laugh even when in the middle of tears. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.






Their Special Song

The Point of it All by Anthony Hamilton. When we had just started dating, Justin sent me the song as a way to express his feelings. I still have the message saved.








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