Their First Date

Our first date was to Vapiano’s in Arlington. It was a great dinner, but we were interrupted by some friends who claimed that one of them was in a skiing accident and rushed to the hospital. We had nearly left the restaurant when they confessed it was a joke. We ended the evening watching Gabriel Iglesias doing stand-up on TV.

Something They Love About Each Other

According to Greg. Kim has been extremely supportive of me, especially when I was going through Grad school and studying for the CPA. I credit her nagging with me passing. She’s also really great about talking to me for work. Even though she has no idea what my job fully entails, she is still supportive of whatever decisions I make

According to Kim, Greg is a really great listener. I know I can always go to him when I need advice, need to vent, have an idea for a project or just want to tell a story about something. He always gives advice and even surprises me with little things that I mention in passing, such as snacks, stuff for the kitchen, or activities.

Silly Little Things

Kim calls it foods shopping, and foods store. Refuses to call it a grocery store. She also is a huge Jersey girl and had to be taught how to pump gas.

Greg is particular about how he puts salt on his food. Instead of shaking it out over it, he sprinkles it into his hand and then measures it out from there.

We can’t wait for your wedding next spring!

We relate to a lot of Brad Paisley’s music. We like “I’m Still a Guy” and “She’s Everything” because they remind us of the other person. We have even gone and seen him in concert several times, and really enjoyed it.