Just Friends to Dating

Cristina explains that, “It’s hard to pinpoint when we went from just hanging out as friends to an actual first date. Our favorite first “hangouts” not in a group were when we watched Top Gun together (I was appalled Chris had never seen it) and when we went to Jazz in the Garden.”

Being Silly

Chris is always whistling! He constantly has songs stuck in his head and I can always hear him before I see him. It’s like he always has entrance music, I love it! Cristina just randomly starts laughing sometimes and has no idea why but can’t stop laughing, sometimes to the point of tears.

Something you love about your fiancé / fiancée

As Cristina says, “his superpower of choice would be to make everyone happy all the time, and he doesn’t realize he’s already really good at that!” Chris loves the passion she puts into everything she does. She never gives less than 100% and can’t half-ass anything.

These two were awesome and we can’t wait for their wedding next spring!