Getting to Know Us

Hey there, we’re Jonathan and Ruth, the husband and wife team of Gonzalez J. Photography & Design Studio! We are passionate about marriage and fiercely believe that a wedding is all about celebrating the vows you make to one another. Our brides and grooms want lasting memories, images that bring a smile to their face and remind them of a sweet moment and their deep love for each other even when times get tough. They want to look back and know they worked with a professional who helped them treasure their relationship. We do just that.

Since you spend more time with your photographer than almost anyone else on your wedding day, it’s so important to find someone whose company you enjoy 🙂 We believe that getting to know our couples is the best way to ensure an awesome experience. So, to learn bit more about us, read on, stop by our BLOG, and drop us a line. We love getting to know our couples and can’t wait to hear from you!


Ruth Gonzalez – Studio Manager

I love connecting with couples! One of my favorite things is hearing the story of that moment they realized – this is the one, for now and forever. It’s a joy to be part of your special day as you celebrate your relationship and future together.

Most days you can find me planning engagement sessions and working on wedding timelines. I can’t wait to assist you with all the details involving your photography!

Jonathan Gonzalez – Lead Photographer

Marriage is awesome! I think photography is one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding and I love that responsibility.

As a husband, I firmly believe in marriage and want to do my best to capture all that it means to get married and to celebrate that with you through photography. I have always loved document life even before I studied photography at University of Maryland Baltimore County. I am an artist and can’t wait to tell your story!

I also like to travel, so let’s talk about going somewhere rad for your wedding!


We love hearing couple’s first date story, so it’s only fair if we share ours! Here’s our story:

We first found out about each other on January, 2012, when Jonathan sent Ruth a “wink” online. While flattered, Ruth wasn’t about to waste her time on someone who didn’t know how to have a conversation. The dating site had several auto response options and she selected the following: Thanks for your wink! Would love to hear more from you. Please write me a letter and tell me about your interests and what you found interesting about me.

Ruth was pleasantly surprised when Jonathan rose to the challenge! After a few weeks of emailing each other long messages daily, we finally made plans to met up in person. The evening was off to a good start when Jonathan showed up with roses and made it through the roommate small talk. Later, after a delicious meal, he suggested stopping by the Mall. Ruth quickly said yes knowing how lovely, and romantic, the Monuments are at night. We ended up at the Lincoln Memorial where Ruth pretended not to be freezing while waiting for Jonathan to make his move. He finally did and we had our first kiss!