Baker Park Engagement Session in Frederick, MD – Anna & Ryan

It was a joy spending an evening walking around Frederick with Anna, Ryan, and Toby, their adorable dog! He was incredibly well behaved, it’s amazing how patient he was while being tempted with a tennis ball. We had so much fun asking them questions and seeing the smiles never leave their faces. It’s clear that these two know how to encourage each other and are a great complement to one another!

For their first date, Ryan drove down to DC to take Anna to a Josh Garrels & Zach Winters concert. Because of out of town work commitments it had been three weeks between asking her out and the actual date, which was plenty of time to build up nerves and excitement! The concert was awesome and then they drove to Georgetown for ice cream and some late night tour of the campus – there were an incredible number of unlocked buildings to explore 😉

So Ryan wouldn’t have to drive three hours home Anna had asked a buddy from church if a “work colleague” of mine could spend the night at his house. This meant they had their second date the next day! After pancakes at Eastern Market  in the morning they spent the afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery. The second date was notable because Anna’s phone just disappeared… it was absconded with. Facing their first crisis Ryan was an amazing support, really calm and encouraging while they figured out what to do. It’s also how he got Anna’s Dad’s number on their second date – she had to call on Ryan’s phone to give a heads up on why she would be unreachable and ask what to do.

Ryan loves sprinkles! We always add them to ice cream, sometimes yogurt, and, for special occasions, pancakes. We have registered for a waffle iron, so of course, sprinkle waffles will be a future experiment. Another fun thing Ryan does is give a voice to our dog, Toby: he tells these great stories about what Toby thinks and feels and what he has to say about his experiences of the world, like the first time he saw a horse (the biggest dog he’s ever seen!), or how soul crushing the betrayal of bath time is. And of course how deeply he loves Toy and Ball.

One of Ryan’s love languages is burning me CDs, so I have a lot of special songs with him! A personal favorite is Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” because Ryan is my best friend 🙂

What Anna says sums up their relationship perfectly, “I think my favorite characteristic of Ryan is that he is such a good friend to me. He loves me well, listens well, is kind, patient, hilarious, great at cheering me up and helping me process–I could go on! He is a terrific friend!”

We can’t wait for their wedding!



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