Benefits of Unplugged Wedding

5 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Go ‘Unplugged’

As a photographer, I want your pictures to the best they possibly can be. The trouble is, more and more guests show up with their cameras glued to their faces waiting for the ‘perfect picture’. In my heart, I know how important it is to capture these moments as a loved one.

But as a professional, it’s my job to snap the best pictures of every part of your special day. To cut down on the distractions, some brides are opting for ‘unplugged weddings’ where cameras of all kinds are banned. Not sure if that’s a good idea? Then consider a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you go ‘unplugged.’  


1. I’ll Get the Best Shots For you!

Nothing ruins a picture faster than when your Aunt Karen jumps out in front of my camera to snap her own photo. Trust me, Karen, I’ll capture a professional picture the bride will love.



2. Your Guests Will Be In The Moment

Over the past few years, my heart has sunk as I’ve watched more guests line the ceremony space armed like the red-carpet paparazzi. Unplugged weddings, however, give brides a chance to see the looks of encouragement on their guests’ faces, rather than a barrage of cameras.  


3. Never Worry About a Ruined “First Look”

It’s easy for your maid of honor to snap a few photos of you and blast them all over social media. But where does that leave your groom when we do the first look? If you don’t want your groom, or other guests to see you earlier than planed, an unplugged wedding ensures that first look is kept between you and him—with no one to ruin the surprise.


4. No More Washed Out Photos

Guests with flash cameras, even those on a cell phone, can ruin the shots I take for you. Their flashes can wash you out and leave you looking like a ghost—not to mention completely destroy the pictures I take.


5. Stay Plugged in Or Unplug?

Whether you decide to ban smartphones and cameras from your wedding or maybe just your ceremony, I highly recommend letting your guests know that you trust your photographer to capture the most important images of your day. Otherwise, you could leave the person you hired alone fighting off well-meaning family members, and end up with less than amazing pictures.


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