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What's Inside

My "Top 15 unique, custom Client E-Mail Templates" are available for you to download, and use on a daily basis to save you hours and increase your relationship experience with couples!

It’s packed with information including:

Wedding Inquiries

These email templates can be used for prospective clients who have inquired about your wedding photography services.

Follow-Up Emails For Clients

This template is sent out to individuals who initially reach out for your services.

Confirmation Meetings

Send this email out to clients you have spoken to on the phone to schedule a perfect time to meet in person. 

Wedding Booked!

Two different email options you can send to follow up your after your client has received and signed the contract.

Hand-Written Thank You Notes

Simply send your lovely clients the following hand-written thank-you note once you receive your payment and signed contracts.

Before the Wedding 

Send this email to your clients once it is time to start nailing down wedding details.

After the Wedding... 

This email is sent out to clients the day after their wedding to remind them of the expectations of what is to come.

Images Delivery Instructions

This email goes to your clients as soon as you find out they are not coming in for a preview session.

Album and Product Delivery

To your clients after you have inspected and received all their albums/products in order to schedule an appointment for delivery in person.

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