Do This Instead Of A First Look

Consider these options on your wedding day

The first look is a more recent wedding trend and there are good reasons behind it. But for those that love the tradition of seeing each other for the first time during your ceremony, here are other options for adding a sentimental moment to your wedding day.

First look with your dad!

As a woman, dads are often your first love.. Incorporating a few intentional minutes for the first time he sees you, instead of rushing past it as you cross paths in the hotel, is a special way to honor his role in your life. For some women, they may choose to plan this with a grandfather, uncle, or other significant role model.


Read sweet something’s together!

This method is another epic style instead of a first look. We, humans, are moved by what we hear, and we try to act out what we read. You can ask your family, friends, well-wishers to write up advice, dreams, wishes, and sweet words or poem for you and your partner to read while you stand back to back. This elevates your mind, calm your nerves, and give you the energy to proceed with your wedding, knowing that you are surrounded by loved ones and believe me when I say there is no greater feeling.


Send notes to each other

I don’t know why but people believe seeing each other before a wedding is a bad luck. The read note from each other is a constructed method of seeing each other without really hearing yourselves. All you need to do is write notes on what you cherish most/sweet words during your engagement, and exchange them on your wedding day. A note like this actually lifts your spirit before walking down the aisle. These notes are valuable as the ring they exchange, and it reminds you of your wedding day years after.


Exchange gifts

This is my favorite, who doesn’t love gift? A gift is an item that reminds you of how someone cherishes you. If you pick a gift for your fiancé (earring/necklace/bracelet) don’t really expect her to put it on your wedding day, she might have chosen what she will put on and your gift might not go with it. She will cherish that gift for the rest of her life.


Hold hands!

Well, the holding hand is really kind of awkward but then it’s better than the first look. You both will hold hands to pray for the success of the wedding or to chat on how the wedding would look like. This goes a long way on your wedding day.

You can add any of this methods to your timeline in your wedding or you can still think out of the box, and form a different method than the first look.



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