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I’m Jonathan Gonzalez a professional wedding photographer and educator based in Washington D.C. sharing tips, advice, and offering one-on-one mentoring for aspiring photographers and creatives. I have built a photography business that gives my life flexibility and freedom.

Now, I see myself in so many new photographers as they navigate through the questions and confusion that come with mastering this beautiful art. My passion is to educate and empower fellow entrepreneurs run businesses that serve their lives well.


How did you get started in photographing weddings?

My journey towards professional wedding photography was a long road. I had always loved photography, but I never actually envisioned myself photographing weddings. It wasn’t until my own wedding that I realized wedding photography is my true passion.

Ever since then, I’ve been working towards building my wedding photography business. Why do I love it? Because to be part of such an important day is an incredible honor and I love using my artistic eye to create images that speak to a couple’s relationship and show the beauty of their commitment.

Educational Content

Do you struggle finding your ideal clients in your local area? Or ways to increase bookings? We are excited to share helpful tips and marketing strategies on how to grow a profitable photography business.

Mentoring Sessions

Photographic Journey

We’ll spend 90 minutes unpacking your photography business together via Skype and make a plan for key ways to see immediate growth & improvement. Topics include editing, posing, composition, branding, pricing, marketing, portfolio/website critique, workflow, etc. No topic is off limits!

In-Person Session

We’ll meet over lunch for a deeper conversation about your business and brand perception plus any other topics you want to talk through further. You will also choose to either have your headshots taken by me or shadow me as I photograph a e-session with a real couple.

Style Shoot Portfolio Building Workshop

Don’t wait for the perfect wedding to fall in your lap. We’ll help you build your ideal portfolio through a Style Shoot Workshop so you can book your dream clients! We’ve streamlined each step to help you avoid the most common mistakes, and tackle any obstacles you may encounter as you begin to grow your wedding photography business.



Setting up this year’s business is critical to making sure you’re successful. That starts with getting in touch with customer service inquiries from your clients and questions quickly and in a friendly manner. So, what can you do? You’re busy with editing and marketing, after all! Well, that’s where we want to help! We’re sharing our entire email templates to give you space when you’re busy with other aspects of your business.


Make sure you show up to your next wedding prepared! I’ve created a questionnaire to keep you on track for your wedding day timelines, vendor contracts, and any other details that you’ll need to educate brides and grooms on how to prepare for their big day. All the while, you create a seamless photography experience for your clients. Instructional video included describing each step of the questionnaire.


There are several lighting scenarios you can face during the wedding day. Some of those moments will provide you with challenging elements you need to overcome with specific lighting techniques. This course is meant to equip wedding photographers to be able to create incredible reception images in fast-paced environments.

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