Georgetown Waterfront Engagement Photos – Shanna & Josh

This session reflects a couple so full of joy that it shows in every moment! Shanna + Josh have been together for 11 years and it’s clear that their love is deep. We had so much fun during their session 🙂 Lots of love for this couple!! Congratulations, we’re so happy for you!

Josh and I have been together for almost 11 years now, so I had just graduated high school and Josh was just a year out of high school when we had our first date.  We had meet through our high school friends and were friends a year before we decided to go on a date. I had drove 45 minutes to the town where Josh was living to meet up with him at his house.  When I arrived at his home Josh’s truck was nowhere to be found.  I called him first no answer, then finally went to the front door knocked and found the door was unlocked.

Since I had been there several times before with friends I walked in yelling his name, but find no Josh. By this time I started to think he was standing me up and not sure what to do.  I called my best friend Steph at the time who was also a friend to Josh and explained to her the situation. She informed me to go to the fridge, open it and if there was any alcohol in it to take it all and leave a note saying, “This is what you get for standing me up!”

I do as instructed and just as I was grabbing for the items in walks Josh.  Upset,  I start explaining what I was doing and that I thought he was standing me up.  Josh reassures me that wasn’t the case and that I arrived earlier than what we had discussed.  However, to this day Josh says, that would be the first time in our relationship Shanna was ever early to something and not late.  Needless to say we had a great night that only a small town in Nebraska can offer and have been together since.

Some of the little things they’ve learned about each other: Josh is constantly twirling his hair and Shanna has a nervous twitch.

One of Shanna’s favorite characteristics about Josh is that he would give the shirt off his back for anyone, he’s so Generous and Trusting. One of Josh’s favorite characteristics about Shanna is that she is a very honest and genuine person.


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