Georgetown Waterfront Engagement Photos – Jessica & Eric

Find the wonder in every moment you can, with the person that matters most to you holding your hand. We know Jessica and Eric will always be searching for that wonder together – there’s no doubt in our minds that they’ve already found some.

We’re so looking forward to celebrating them as they become newlyweds and sending them off on the grand adventure of marriage. In the meantime, meeting them for their engagement session was a total joy and we’re still swooning over their session photos!

Tell Us About Your First Date

We met after work for happy hour in Tysons Corner. Unbeknownst to us, everyone within a quarter mile had left early to go to happy hour that same day, so we settled for a restaurant option that was further down our desired list. I don’t remember what either of us had to drink, but I do remember that we settled on sharing an order of garlic parmesan fries. I think what both of us thought would be a short drink and appetizer turned into about 2 hours sharing laughs and trying to mask our bad breath.



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