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It’s not often that 6:00 am is an enjoyable time of day, but as soon as we met this couple we knew this shoot was going to be a blast!  Seeing their happiness and love for each other reminds us how blessed we are to capture the joy of this season of life.

What was your first date like?

Marjorie: Our first date was actually a blind date. His friend from the Marines and one of my really good friends were dating at the time, and they decided to set us up. I wasn’t particularly thrilled about it, and went on the date expecting to not like the guy. But that Andrew, he can be so sweet and such a charmer, and he won me over soon enough. By the end of the night we were non-stop talking and laughing. On our way back to the car, I decided I wanted a hot dog. With everything on it. I’m pretty sure that’s not a good choice for a first date usually. For some reason, though, Andrew still walked me to my door when they dropped me off and gave me a goodnight kiss. The rest is history!

Andrew: Five years ago, a friend of mine from the Marines introduced me to Marjorie on a blind date after he started dating one of her friends. From the moment I saw her I was struck by her beauty, but it was a little awkward at first because it seemed like she didn’t want to give me the time of day. The first place we went to was packed and the music was incredibly loud. Thankfully we decided to go to a different place where we were able to sit down and talk. That’s when I knew she was definitely somebody I wanted to know more about. She slipped in and out of a Boston accent, a plus. She cared about the Red Sox, a plus. And when we left the club, she demanded a hot dog from a nearby street vendor, also a plus. At the end of the night, I walked her to her door and gave her a kiss, and then promptly called her the next day.

What is one of your favorite characteristics of your fiancé / fiancée?

Marjorie: Andrew is an incredibly fun and lovable person, which I adore. He always knows how to make me smile and and laugh. He’s also one of the most motivated and determined people I know, and he’s always encouraging and supporting me to be the best I can be as well. He is also incredibly caring and always wants to do right by others. He’s the guy who will hold the door for someone walking ten feet behind him, or will jump out of a (slowly) moving car to help someone he sees in need (no, seriously, he actually did that once).

Andrew: I like that she’s smart. I like that she’s beautiful. I like that she loves Boston sports and hot dogs. I like how she’s made me realize how much potential I have, and she is a big reason for the path I have chosen in life. I like that she’s an excellent writer, and I like how she probably edited what I wrote to make it sound intelligible (for which I am much obliged, thank you baby). I like that she’s compassionate and incredibly caring. I like the way she looks at me, and the way she smiles. But the characteristic I love the most is the way she loves me. It’s unconditional and it’s palpable. Maybe I am just being weird, but there is a certain type of energy between us that is very strong, and I can feel it every time she looks at me. The only way I can describe it is by calling it love, and it’s the way she loves me that is my favorite characteristic.

What is a special song for the two of you?

Marjorie: Well our wedding song is a special one for us, but it’s a surprise, so I can’t say. Other than that, though, one of our favorite bands to listen to together is Alice in Chains. We both know all the words to the Dirt album and love turning it up really loud in the car and singing at the top of our lungs. That’s a little random, and I’m not sure if it can be considered a “special song,” but when I think of that band, I think of Andrew.

Andrew: We do have a special song, but we’re keeping that on the down low. And Marj is right, we do enjoy jamming out to some Alice in Chains.

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