Jefferson Memorial Engagement Photos – Arielle & Matt

When a couple describes themselves as the “Jim and Pam” of their office, we know they’re going to be awesome! Arielle and Matthew braved the rainy start to the morning and even got lucky with a few moments of sun. We had such a great time with this lovely couple!

The First Date

We both work at the same organization and were attracted to each other but did not pursue anything due to work. One day, I invited Matthew to go with me to get a tattoo, and he agreed, this was after I had invited him to lunch a few times, so he felt like he owed me one for flaking on lunch. A few weeks and a few happy hours later he asked me out on a date. We went to get sushi at Gallery and to the movies to watch Trainwreck. And it took off from there 🙂

Silly Little Things

Matthew: She rubs her feet against my feet every time I get into bed! Its weird but I love it though.

Arielle: He breaks out in random dancing moments. It doesn’t matter where we are, if he hears the music, even if its in his head he will start dancing and singing.

Something They Love About Each Other

Matthew: I love that she is such a good listener, and she is really empathic.

Arielle: I love how considerate he is of other people. He will always look at the other person’s perspective and situation and rarely makes selfish decisions.

Their Special Song

We really do not have a special song mostly because we are so different in our musical preferences. But American Dad is our favorite show and we love listening to the theme song, because that means we are watching the show together lol.



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  1. Kay Jenkins May 7, 2016

    absolutely stunning!!! beautiful pictures you really captured their feelings towards each other

  2. Mohaimen Kazi May 13, 2016

    Gorgeous pictures! And DC around cherry blossom is beautiful!

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