Best Locations for your Winter Engagement Session!

Don’t be Scared of Winter Engagement Sessions!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed a serious uptick in engagements over the holiday season. So many people get engaged in November or December and then look to get married the following summer or fall. While I’m definitely an advocate for short engagements (we did it in four months!), planning a wedding in under a year requires some serious planning.

For most couples an engagement session is one of the first events of their wedding preparation. Scheduling it immediately after getting engaged typically means that you’ll have to deal with some winter weather. Usually, the go-to locations of summer and fall are completely uninviting. Here are a few ideas that might just be the thing for your winter engagement sessions.

1. Coffee Shops

If you as a couple love coffee, or tea, why not have your engagement session at a coffee shop? It’s indoors and out of the elements, but it can be difficult with the lighting. Make sure you choose a shop that has plenty of windows and space. Also, make sure you coordinate your schedule with the location’s downtimes.


2. Your Neighborhood

Engagement sessions in your neighborhood are the perfect way to document your life together. I cannot emphasize this enough; you have to keep light in mind whenever you get photos taken—no matter where or when you have them taken. You’ll want to figure out the best time is for your session in terms of natural lighting, then schedule your session around that.


3. Alleyways and City Scenes

Obviously, during winter alleyways don’t lose their urban beauty during the winter season. Or, why not have your engagement session around some of the classic D.C. buildings that look stunning during any season?


4. Capture the Snow

If you live in a northern climate, you may be able to capture engagement photos in the snow. Although this one is tricky to schedule, if you live in an area that is known to frequently get snow, then this could be a possibility. You and your photographer will definitely need to be flexible and this will require you to brave the elements so you’ll need to be prepared for things to get chilly!


5. Art Museums

The background texture and beauty of art museums is ideal if you are having an engagement session in the winter. Indoor locations stay beautiful all year long. Consider having your session in one of Washington D.C. Art Museums or look into a local art exhibit in your area.



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