Meadowlark Botanical Garden Engagement Photos – Diana & Matt

Holy moly, these engagement photos are insanely gorgeous!!! We are blown away by the beauty of this sweet couple. It was so much fun hanging out with fellow former Wisconsinites Diana and Matt! When a couple comes up from Charlottesville for their DC engagement session it’s the perfect excuse the spend the day visiting some of our favorite spots around the area. They truly made our job easy, it’s clear they are madly in love! We can’t wait to celebrate their wedding next year 🙂

The First Date

Diana remembers, I was so nervous, it was a blur! The whole day leading up to dinner, I couldn’t stomach any food, and at dinner, I barely ate two bites of my salad (yes, I was THAT girl, ordering a salad on the first date, but it was really only because Matt made me so nervous!). We sat outside on a beautiful summer night, then took a walk along the Milwaukee River innocently holding hands. I remember Matt laughing at a bug stuck in my mess of frizzy hair (by the way, I debated for about 10 hours whether to wear my hair straight or curly – turns out picking the curls was a good call, as Matt still loves when I wear my hair curly!), and getting butterflies as he reached over to pick it out. I remember thinking that Matt was kind of quiet, but after reading Matt’s response to this question, I guess he just felt like I was blabbering too much to get a word in haha!

According to Matt: After Diana had suggested a coffee date, I told her I’d rather take her to dinner.  She agreed, so we picked out a restaurant in downtown Milwaukee, called The Water Buffalo.  After dinner, we casually strolled along the Milwaukee River, talking and learning about each other.  I remember feeling as if I couldn’t get a word in amongst the continuous stream of conversation coming from Diana.  It didn’t matter to me though. I was just happy to be with such a fun girl!

Silly Little Things

Diana: One of my favorite things about our relationship is how goofy we can be together. I can’t even count the number of times that Matt has made me burst into tears from laughing so hard. I love when Matt plays the guitar

(very well) and sings along in a hilarious falsetto voice (not too well!).

Matt: Diana is an extremely silly and quirky person.  She constantly makes me laugh and smile with her goofy habits (some of which she would be too embarrassed if I shared on here), like her obsession with having a full water bottle by her side, and guarding it like it’s her own child.


Something They Love About Each Other

Diana: How can I choose just one? I love how Matt is such a loyal partner. I can honestly say that he would do anything for me, and I know that he always has my best interest at heart. I never have to worry about anything knowing I have Matt in my corner. I also love his unwavering ability to make me laugh and cheer me up.

Matt: Diana is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and loving people I have ever had the chance to be around.  She is constantly surprising me with how thoughtful she can be and how she is able to make me feel better when I am having a rough day.

Their Special Song

Diana: Matt wrote me a song when we first started dating called “She’s My Everything”. He didn’t write down the cords so he’s forgotten how to play it by now, but I still have the lyrics pinned up in our room and I can remember how it goes, so that’s all that matters 🙂

Matt: “Forever” by The Beach Boys – this will be our first dance at our wedding



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