National Gallery of Art Engagement Session – Chelsea & Thane

We had so much fun looking through the images we captured during Chelsea & Thane’s engagement session. They met through friends and it’s impressive that they made it past their first date. A date which Thane said Chelsea asked him to the movies, but Chelsea said she wore gloves the whole time because she was worried he would try to hold her hand – which he did 🙂

This was a morning that incorporated many special memories, starting with the fact we were capturing them at the location of their first DC date, the National Gallery of Art. Plus, Thane was wearing the same shirt he wore when he proposed, so sentimental!

Congratulations to an adorable couple!

The First Date

Chelsea: Our first date was a movie. He says that I asked him… BUT I honestly thought we were going as friends! That night I was nervous he would try to hold my hand so I kept my purple fuzzy gloves on with the excuse “I’m still just really cold!” He held my hand anyway- he didn’t even seem to notice the purple fuzzy bits from my gloves that made their way into the air all around us haha! While we were in the movie it had snowed so when we walked out it was a beautiful blanket of white, I’ll always remember that feeling!

Thane: Our first date we went to go see a movie. I was not a hundred 100% sure if it was a date date but she asked me to go with her so of course I said yes. I kept trying to hold her hand to see if she would let me and she did but she wouldn’t take off her gloves because her hands were “cold.”

Silly Little Things

Thane: Something funny Chelsea does is whenever she gets in a cleaning mood or I ask if she can clean something up I will come back hours later and a quarter of it will be done, I’ll ask her what happened and she will say “I love you….. I got distracted” and that means she took a break 5 minutes in and got on Pinterest.

Chelsea: Thane does this thing where he always is picking me up. I find it so funny! We will be walking out to the car and he will just scoop me up over his shoulder and put me in the car. The funniest is when he gives me piggy back rides up the stairs and when someone is in the kitchen they seem so surprised- they should know by now.

Something They Love About Each Other

Chelsea: It is hard to pick just one characteristic that I love about Thane. If I had to choose I would say his selflessness. He is always going out of his way for others and never cares if he is acknowledged for it. I have never met anyone who cares more about others without asking anything in return.

Thane: Chelsea is perfect in every way but if I had to pick one characteristic it would be her big heart. She can never make people unhappy, she will go out of her way to make people happy and when she thinks she hurt someones feelings she normally ends up crying. She always eats things she hates just to make my family happy and will do things other people like just to keep others happy.

Their Special Song

Our first special song was Wanted by Hunter Hayes. When we first started dating this song would come on and we would sing it so loud, it perfectly describes our relationship still to this day.


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