The Best Way to Get that Sparkler Photo!

We love formal exits! They are a beautiful way to highlight a moment that encapsulates your wedding day. It’s a picture that captures all the joy and celebration of your wedding day in one glorious image. The two of you, surrounded by supportive family and friends, headed off to start the adventure of marriage.

However, without proper planning it’s far to easy for them to go horribly wrong. Read: Fire + EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION = Disaster

Here are the FOUR tips to ensure your sparklers go smoothly:

1. The longer the sparkler the better!

Growing up we thought that sparklers only existed in one size – the basic 10 inch 4th of July sparkler. They always died far to quickly, but how were we to know there was something better? If you don’t want your guests to have sparklers that die out before you even have time to make your exit then it’s time to go big! Think at least 20 inches, but we highly recommend getting the 36 inch sparklers!

For the pictures to turn out best, it’s important to have as much sparkler light as possible. Typically, the 36-inch version provides a burn time of 2 minutes or so. This should be sufficient for all of your guests to get their sparklers lite (after they’re already lined up of course!) and still have enough time for the bride and groom to make their exit without worrying about sparklers burning out.


2. Don’t forget the lighters & sand buckets! 

Ever thought about how sparklers get lit, or what happens to them once they are burnt out?

Having at least two lighters available will help avoid a last minute scramble and keep things moving. Once a few sparklers are lit, they can be used to light the next ones and pass it down the line.

As for after, let’s just say that you don’t want your guest guessing what to do with their white-hot spears of metal. For the love of safety – provide a simple and safe way to dispose of them. The best way is to have a few metal buckets filled with sand in which guests can drop their used sparklers.


3. Have a point person! 

It’s probably not a surprise that sparkler exists don’t just spontaneously happen on their own. They need to be organized! Since it’s your wedding day, don’t put the work on yourself; you’ll have plenty of better ways to be spending your time!

This is definitely something your wedding planner will have plenty of knowledge about, seriously, we can’t over emphasize how helpful they are! However, if you don’t have one, make sure you designate at least one person and tell them well ahead of time!

If you want to walk through a tunnel of sparklers, here are the key duties of the coordinator:

– Prepare the buckets of sand;
– Arrange guests into two lines;
– Pass out the sparklers;
– Help get the sparklers lit and tell people to put them in the sand buckets once used;
– Give you the go ahead when it’s time for you to enter.


4. The sparkler photo doesn’t have to happen at the very end of your night!

The end of a reception can sometimes feel pretty chaotic. There might be confusion about when everyone’s expected to collect their scattered belongings, family may be running around gathering everything the bride needs to have stashed in the limo, while at the same time people want to squeeze in that final conversation. Plus, your photography coverage may end before the end of your reception. Don’t worry – we have a solution!

While everyone is dancing, gather 20-30 of your friends and family to quickly run outside for the picture!

Many brides even prefer this method because it’s less stressful and there’s more flexibility to do it a few times and get even more pictures!

While there are lots of creative ways to incorporate a formal exit, using sparklers is certainly a favorite. A final sparkler picture is a stunning way to wrap up your wedding day.


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