Tidal Basin Engagement Session in D.C. – Ali & Sean

It’s Blossom Time! We had a blast meeting up with Ali & Sean at the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise behind Washington DC’s famous cherry blossoms. There’s always a good amount of uncertainty about when the blossoms will show up and this year the prediction changed multiple times. Everything came together for a beautiful weekday morning full of amazing light. Congratulations you two!

The First Date

Ali: Our first date was shortly after our campaign. We met on the Linda McMahon Senate Race in CT in 2010. I had a crush on Sean for a bit and after the campaign ended and we went to see Harry Potter in West Hartford. I was so nervous and tried to slyly touch his arm on the arm rest only to have him keep shifting away! Rude! I guess I eventually won him over because we went out for drinks after the movie and talked for hours! Sean says our real first date was probably to the casino but I disagree!

Sean: Our idea of our first date might differ, but I consider our first date to be when we went to see harry potter and the deathly hallows, part one. we just left a wrap-up meeting of the senate campaign we worked on in West Hartford, CT.

Something silly or quirky

Ali: Sean LOVES WWE and always impersonates the wrestlers and he thinks it’s so funny. I usually just roll my eyes but it’s actually really entertaining, just don’t tell him that!

Sean: One of Ali’s quirks is her lack or balance. She once sprained her ankle getting off the couch.


Falling in Love

Ali: Sean is always calm and level headed, whereas I am the total opposite. He’s quiet and reserved whereas I am the outgoing chatty Cathy. When I get worked up, which is often, he’ll usually let me vent and freak out before he offers his rational response. He always talks me off the ledge and if I’m really gung-ho on an issue, he’ll try to guide my craziness so I don’t regret my flip out later. Usually, I disagree with his reasonable thinking haha but it’s nice that he lets me vent and freak out to feel better without arguing me or making me feel like a crazy person. He lets me be me, good or bad.

Sean: My favorite characteristic of Ali is her devotion. No matter how many antics I get into she always supports me and has my back.

A Special Song

Ali: That’s a tough one! We don’t have “a song” for our relationship, but I think we both enjoy Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off because we sing it to our dog, Crimmy!

Sean: Our special song is shake it off by Taylor Swift, we sing it to our dog when she shakes her head.


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