Washington Monument Engagement Session – Ashley & Andy

It can be hard to get up for a sunrise session, but Ashley + Andy’s session shows exactly why it’s worth it. A stunning sunrise over the Mall, on a surprisingly warm December morning, and lots of love – perfection! As we met in the predawn morning, it was beautiful to see their energy, excitement and joy as they celebrated their engagement.

Congratulations, we’re so happy for you two!

The First Date

After first meeting at a Halloween party, they had two months of FaceTime dates before their first “real date” due to the distance. Andy made the trek down to Virginia Beach from DC for their first real date, which occurred on New Years Eve! It was a night full of good food and wine, fake snow, fireworks and Eddie Money (yes, I’ve got two tickets to paradiseeee). They counted down to ten and shared their long awaited first kiss at midnight!

Silly Little Things

According to Ashley, “Andy is a holiday fanatic, Christmas and Halloween especially! Starting the first day of December, Andy wakes up every morning and the first words out of his mouth are “Merry Christmas.” He even puts up orange lights in the kitchen for Halloween. I fear for our electric bill this holiday season.”

Andy says, “Ashley is unique and special for many different reasons, one of those being her eating style. Inevitably, no matter what she may be eating, there is always a unique, and sometimes odd, way of consuming her meal. No matter which way she chooses for the meal at hand, it always manages to make me smile and realize all the things that make her my Ashley.”

Something They Love About Each Other

Ashley: Aside from Andy’s kindness and thoughtfulness, one of the unique things I love about him is his bravery. I’m proud of the work he does, he always makes me feel safe, and he keeps our country safe too.

Andy: There are truly too many attributes on the list that make Ashley the best thing that has even happened to me, but, two of the qualities to her personality that stand out the most are her consistent thoughtfulness and creativity. On top of her huge heart and warm soul, her ever impressive creative mind never ceases to amaze me through her writing abilities and incredible humor.

Their Special Song

There’s too many to choose from, but I will say we love our 90s music. Late night on a Saturday night you can likely find us drinking wine, dancing around the kitchen to our 90s music.


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