I want to raise my prices and start making more each booking.
I’m ready to take my business to the next level, but I just don’t know where to start.
I want more bookings with clients I LOVE.
I never know what to post on social media! HELP!
I wish I had more time! Everyone seems to get more done than me.
I feel like Dorothy. Taxes? Contracts? Insurance? Oh my.
I never know what to say when “friends” ask me for discounts.
I feel so awkward during client meetings! I need a system that WORKS!

I want a high end brand, but I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it right now.

“Before the AJ Business Course, I was working a desk job at 70+ hours a week. I put into practice every single thing that you two suggested. And IT WORKED… I never would have dreamed that I would go from two $1,000 weddings to 24 weddings up to $3,000 worth! So incredibly blessed by the knowledge and heart you two share in this course. It was literally LIFE CHANGING!”
Right after I started the AJ Business Course, I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. I dreamed of staying home with him but couldn’t afford to quit my 9-5 job… The course helped me to think differently and make small changes that had big impact! I implemented what I learned in the course, and by the time he was born this summer, I was able to quit my day job and do photography full time! Now I get to stay home with my baby and do what I love!”
I still work part time as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, and most importantly, I have two toddlers at home that I value spending time with. Each month I’ve surpassed my goal of booking four sessions a month (I don’t do weddings). My goal of four sessions a month is to finish our debt snowball –– and then start saving for vacations and add more to our kids’ college funds! So far my sessions have paid off all my photography education, my full frame camera upgrade and submitting my paperwork to get my LLC! I haven’t even reached a year since I started photography and enrolled in my first AJ Course! It’s been a whirlwind of thankful hearts in our household!”

“The AJ Business Course corrected my business from where it was going to where it should be. I wish this had come out when I first started. It would have been the only business course I would have needed. It not only teaches you how to run a successful photography business, it teaches you how to be a better person all around. “

They started as elementary school teachers who didn’t know anything about photography, but turned their passion into one of the most successful photography businesses in America’s fifth largest city. They’ve photographed a million dollar wedding, had their work featured in People and were recognized by Rangefinder as a “Top 10” educator. 

But if you ask them, they’d tell you that achieving their own dreams doesn’t come close to helping other people reach theirs. 


“Wow, I feel like I got my life back! I went from working a full time job and having so little time with my sweet baby boy, to owning a thriving photography business that allows me to have as much time with my family as I want!

Exactly 1 year ago, I was shooting a wedding that I had booked for $500. 2 months from now, I’ll be shooting a wedding that I booked for $4200. I’ve raised my prices so quickly after these courses, and I’m so confident that I can deliver a product that’s worth it for my clients! I’ve booked weddings at my dream venues, destination weddings and engagement sessions, and gotten to work with some amazing vendors and couples.

And the best part about it all, is that I get to be with my family whenever I want. I’ve seen such a huge difference in my older son because of how much I get to be with him now, rather than always having to send him with a babysitter. Our quality time together has grown and our relationships have grown, it’s been truly amazing.”

“I am on the way to creating the business of my dreams with no ceiling of how far I can go. I have tripled my wedding bookings, and doubled the amount of portrait sessions booked. I’m making FIVE times more than I did last year! The course has helped me forge new relationships with planners and other vendors, create an experience for my clients that they rave about, has helped me create a community of #kdyebrides, has given me more freedom to spend time with my kids, has helped me give back to the community through charitable shoots, has helped me surpass my teaching salary, and so much more. I can’t thank Amy and Jordan enough!”


My entire business and life has changed completely! I am finally booking the type of clients I dreamed of! I have a 100% booking rate after using the AJ Consultation Method for weddings! I still have so much to learn but I am truly excited about where my business will be in another year! For the first time I am profoundly proud of my business and my client experience! Words cannot express how thankful I am for Amy & Jordan! When I started this journey to becoming a photographer I just needed something to keep me busy while I got myself back to healthy after cancer rocked my world and took me out of my corporate job. If it wasn’t for A&J giving me the tools and the knowledge through all three of their courses, I’m certain my business wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is now! They have given the freedom to create a life I love! I am able to stay home and raise my son, volunteer in my community and plug into my family in a way I was never able to before. I even have more time with my husband since I was able to convince him to be my second shooter! Once of my greatest joys is being able to look across a room and see the man I love there with me by my side supporting my dream. Amy & Jordan have given me my life back they gave me hope when I had none they have thought me to be successful in a new way and I will be forever grateful to them.

How much is an empty shooting calendar costing you right now? How many times is a potential client visiting your website that doesn’t connect? How much is it costing you every time you go into a client meeting without a solid plan and strategy for booking? How much could you be making if you knew how to use social media to actually book clients? How much is indecision and inefficiency costing you? How much is it already costing that you don’t have a proven step-by-step plan for success?

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