Congressional Country Club Wedding in Bethesda, MD – Colleen & Matt

A perfect wedding day filled with so much love!! So much thought, time, and care went in to every detail of their wedding. It’s SO EASY to picture you together sixty years from now.

Matt will still be giddy around you, and you’ll still role your eyes with a smile at his grandiose gestures – and love it! You have such a beautiful picture to look to in your own families. Because you love each other well, in the silliness and in the stress, you will always be cared for. You love in big and small moments, in big and small ways. We adore your joy for life, your huge laughs and light hearts. Thank you for letting us capture the beginning of such a special story as one. We love you!!!

Congratulations you two, we’re so happy for you!


Gonzalez J. Wedding Photography

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