How to Enjoy Your Engagement Session

Are you nervous for your engagement session? 

Here are some ways you can be sure you enjoy your engagement session even if you are camera shy! An Engagement Session is the perfect time to pause and intentionally appreciate your fiance. To know and be know is one of the deep longings of the heart.

We want your engagement session to be an experience of connection, joy, and seeing your beloved as the miracle they really are. You will relish in the smell of your sweetheart, the softness of your lover’s lips and the laugh lines of the one who chose you!


Decide on a location that works for YOU

If you are both outgoing and never worry about PDA, then this won’t be an issue. But if you’re shy and uncomfortable displaying affection in public, then you might want to discuss the location well in advance. Obviously, a photo shoot in the middle of a bustling city may not be for everyone, some couples prefer a more private location instead.


Forget about the Camera

Instead of being glued to the lenses, look at each other. While you do want at least one or two shots of you both smiling at the camera, I primarily focus on capturing you two in the moment. I like to see what happens when you forget I’m here, and I often find those are a couple’s favorite photos. Keeping this in mind will also help you have more fun during your photo shoot.


Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I like to start my sessions by telling my clients, “I rarely work with models.” The reality is, I know you’re new at this that’s why you hired me! Take a long deep breath and go with the flow as best you can. Don’t feel like you have to know what you’re doing the entire time. Stay true to yourself and don’t put pressure on yourself to look a certain way.


Be Adventurous

Think of your photo shoot like an adventure that you invited me along for. If you both enjoy hiking, we can do the session while you hike, if you prefer water sports, I can capture that. If you’re a boss in the kitchen, why not do it there? I can simply come along for the ride and document who you are in those moments.


Plan for A Date Night

Grab a drink and meal before or after you head to the photo shoot. Your engagement session should be a special event for you both, so make it one. You’ll be all dressed up already, why not make it a date night?


Your wedding pictures shouldn’t be the only professional images you have to display around your home. Make time for an engagement session, you don’t want to forget this special season.

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