Jefferson Memorial Engagement Session in D.C. – Ruth & David

From the moment we met Ruth and David we knew it would be a fun morning. Their session was full of classic romance, laughter and love! We just can’t get over how adorable these two are 🙂

The First Date

Our first date was to go bowling and then out for sushi. We were very excited to show off our bowling skills to each other… Fun fact: neither of us was very good! David is usually very good, so it must have been first date jitters.


Silly Little Things

David: Ruth loves to come up with funny song parodies.

Ruth: David cracks his knuckles CONSTANTLY. He never stops! Some people do it occasionally… for him, it’s a way of life.

Something They Love About Each Other

Ruth: How funny, laidback, and considerate he is. He reads me like an open book.

David: She’s hilarious, passionate, and caring. I love how much we laugh together.



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