Look Your Best in Every Wedding Shot!

Learning how to look amazing in every wedding picture is an ART. Models will spend their entire careers trying to learn how to relax, look natural and give all their best angles to the photographer. Unfortunately, it might be all left up to you if your wedding photographer doesn’t know how to direct you correctly.

But, here are a few pointers in case you aren’t sure your photographer is an expert at portraiture.

The Foundations of Posing for Portraits

Use these basic prompts to help you feel comfortable and confident during your shoot.

Imaginary String

Imagine there is a string pulling up on the back of your head. This helps give you good posture with a straighter spine (but not a stiff or unnatural pose!). It also helps lower your chin, so you don’t get shots that emphasize your eyes and not your jaw (or end up looking up your nose).


Push your shoulders back about 1 inch. You want to look confident and this will help straighten your spine as well!

Uneven Weight

Push your weight mostly into one leg for a much more natural pose. You might have your legs crossed at the ankle if you are leaning against something. You could also have the leg with less weight pointing out in front or bent and to the side to give yourself more visual length. Keep your toes on that food gently pointed (but not stiff or unnatural).

Grab Something

Don’t know what to do with your hands? Awkward hands and arms make photos uncomfortable and stiff when in doubt, grab something—your partner’s hand/shoulder/neck, your veil, your dress, your jacket hem, a bouquet, a railing, etc.

Cigarette Hold

When you want the arms to look natural without grabbing anything, try the cigarette pose. Pretend like you are holding a cigarette in your fingers and keep the arm slightly bent. This will help lead the eye back to you and your face as the subject of the image. It helps you look natural and relaxed.

Relax the Hands

Whether you are holding something or not, relax your hands. A clenched fist will take attention away from your face because of the tension it creates. Plus, you should look relaxed on your wedding day. Focus on a relaxed hand for just about every pose.

Tighten the Eyes

When you aren’t looking at anything in particular, your eyes get a wide, blank look. Even if you aren’t looking at the camera, you can tighten your gaze to focus on something in the direction you are facing. When you tighten your eyes, you will get a captivating look that somehow pulls light right into the eyes. If you want a penetrating straight-on look, then you need to watch the lens and try to catch the movement inside with your focus—when we tell our brides to do that, we get the direct look we are after.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before your big day, practice some poses in the mirror. Try out some of these ideas to see how it changes your posture and appearance. Try a few faces in the mirror too—smiling with teeth, without teeth and more. Try different angles of the head and tightening your gaze by locking focus on something.


The biggest thing here should be: you are having the time of your life and click with both your significant other AND your photographer. Your wedding pictures should be FUN! If you aren’t enjoying yourself and the day, it will show in your pictures—you will still look absolutely beautiful, but stiff and unhappy too. Choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and is skilled at prompting you for incredible shots.

We hope you enjoyed this post on posing. You can see what brides are saying about our work by clicking on the clicking here!

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