How to Avoid Cheesy Couple Pictures

Have you ever seen those couple shots that just look cringe-worthy? There are just some poses that are uncomfortable and feel way too posed to be sweet. You want your images to look posed and professional OR caught in the moment and natural. When it’s a weird mix, you get posed and caught in the moment. It looks unnatural and awkward.

You want pictures that ultimately look candid and authentic.

Beautiful and Natural Couples Photo Tips

If you have a photographer who doesn’t really know how to pose you or prompt you for great couples images, here are a few tips you can use.

The Nose X-Factor

Pretend like you have a laser shooting out of your nose and eyes. Instead of trying to lock eyes and share intimate moments on camera (which often looks very cheese), you will cross your lines of sight. That means you are both looking to the side of the other person and down. This can create an intimate moment that doesn’t look forced or unnatural.

So, instead of THIS (which we did NOT take lol)…

You have something more like this…

The One-Off

Not every shot should have you looking at the ground. For some shots, have your partner look at you while you look directly into the camera with a focused gaze. Then, switch. This is the “one-off” and it has one looking directly at the camera while the other person is almost hanging off. Try both smiling and more serious looks, but make sure your gaze is focused and not a blank stare. This pose creates a bit of sweet sexual tension without being too over the top.

The Kiss

Of course you should absolutely get a few images of you kissing on your wedding day (unless you are an “absolutely no PDA” kind of couple, and your photographer should respect that). But, sometimes, the kissing shots might feel uncomfortable—especially if your photographer isn’t prompting you to do it. For a kiss image, make sure your bodies are close to avoid awkward gaps or unnatural leaning. One of you can put a hand on the neck or opposite side cheek (away from the camera) of the other person. Don’t mash lips—stop when you are just barely touching and hold the pose for a few shots.

Try Some Movement

Still feeling the nerves? Try getting out of your head by moving around a bit. Go for a very short walk hand-in-hand. Or, maybe do a little dance (or spin—everyone can do a ballroom spin). Breaking up some of the still portraits with a little movement can help you feel more relaxed and get you out of the hyper-focused posing mentality.

Create Some Laughs

One thing we sometimes do with a stiffer or more focused couple, is ask the groom to whisper something sexy to the bride in her ear. This ALWAYS causes some laughter. The thing he says might not even be funny—or actually sexy—but, the sheer awkwardness of it makes them laugh genuine laughs. That will loosen you up and help get some laughing shots that aren’t posed and cheesy.

Hope these five tips help you get incredible and authentic shots!

Jonathan & Ruth

P.S. Our favorite thing to hear are the raving reviews from the couples we work with! Be sure to check some of those out by clicking here!


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