National Arboretum Engagement Session – Amanda & Ambrose

This beautiful Washington, DC engagement session is beyond gorgeous. A super fun couple + stunning smiles = perfect engagement photos!!! Congratulations to this wonderful couple!

The First Date

Ambrose will often tell everyone our first date was when we went to a Sukruas with our friends. We all decided that it would be fun to dress up and go out for a fancy dinner together. We were in college and the night really reminded me of going to a high school dance. My best friend came over to do our make- up and hair together. When Ambrose got to my house, my mother insisted we took photos that very much resembled prom poses. At the time I’d only known Ambrose for 6 weeks. I was under the impression that we were all just hanging out as friends. Do when my mother asked if I needed money I said “Of course”, I was quickly cut off and Ambrose told my mother “No I will be paying”. I remember turning bright red as I was unaware he thought we were on a date. Looking back I like to tease Ambrose and tell him that wasn’t our first date because for most of the night I didn’t even know it was one.

Silly Little Things

Ambrose: One of the first things I noticed about Amanda was all the weird faces she makes. She made me smile with out even trying and I think all the weird look she gives me are adorable.

Amanda: Something quirky or weird Ambrose does is he likes to find things that I like and buy them for me a million times will I can’t stand them. This goes along with the reeses story. That was my favorite candy and now I can’t even smell it with feeling sick. TOO MUCH PEANUT BUTTER. It’s kinda funny how often he does that but he is only trying to get me things I like.

Something They Love About Each Other

Ambrose: My favorite characteristic about you is your kindness and willing to help others. You always try to see the good in people. What made me fall in love with her was our missions trip to the Dominican Republic. Down there was no make up, no showers, no fancy clothes and you didn’t complain once. I saw you with the kids and I could see that you were a loving and kind hearted person. I also saw how much you love God and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

Amanda: When we first started dating in November Ambrose would walk me to class everyday. He would also come get me after class and since the campus was freezing he would always bring me a hot chocolate and reeses peanut butter cup. It was be freezing or raining outside and he would be there. One of my professors even make jokes about how cute it was he would always be waiting for me just to hold my hand on the way to the next class. I think that is one of the things I love most about him. He is always there for me, Always steady, always loving no matter what.

Their Special Song

Our wedding song is “Never Stop” by Safety Suit. I wouldn’t say that is the most special song to us. Ambrose made we watch Moulin Rouge, this is a super wierd movie but he was in love with it. After four times of watching the movie I fell in love also. We each have the sound track in our cars. The songs “Come Way May” and “My Song”, would play on repeat on roud trips. We often send the lyrics to each other. Both song till this day make us tear up not because the words match us but because they remind us of all the fun and love we have together.


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