Outdoor Engagement Photos at National Arboretum – Marian & Rob

Even though it started pouring right when we were about to get started with Marian and Rob’s session, it cleared up quickly and turned into the perfect afternoon! Aren’t these two just the cutest?! We can’t wait for their wedding this fall!

The First Date

Marian remembers:
Honestly, we didn’t really have a first date. We got to know each other through my best friend, Sarah, who was dating Rob’s roommate and fraternity brother at the time. The four of us would hang out a lot, so Rob and I grew pretty close. We became best friends before we ever started dating. If I had to choose a “date” I would say when Rob invited me to his fraternity’s brother date. Sarah and her boyfriend were going to the brother date and Sarah really wanted the four of us to go together. That was probably the first time I realized that we could be more than just friends, but it still took several more months for us to take the plunge and start dating… and look at us now!

First Date – Rob’s Version:
Our first date was a double date with the maid of honor and her boyfriend at the time. All of us went to Wal-Mart together to pick out a board game to play. We settled on Yahtzee, which Marian had never played before, but I said I would teach her. As soon as we started playing Marian and I began to dominate the game even though Marian didn’t really understand what was going on. Our first date ended when Marian and I won!

Little Things

Rob:  Marian has the ability to watch movies and TV shows over and over again and still find them new and interesting. The next time she watches it, she pays more attention to the details and if she watched it over a year ago, she probably doesn’t remember the story line at all. (I’ve had to remind her several times that we have definitely watched a movie together, to which she denies ever watching it. Then 30 minutes into that movie, she says “Oh! I think I have actually watched this before!”) She loves to put on Harry Potter and have it playing in the background while she bakes or works on a project. I’m envious that she’s able to do this because I can’t bring myself to re-watch anything, which really limits our options. I remember movies and TV shows so vividly, but I wish I could re-watch them and have it be a basically new experience again.

Marian: Rob does this thing… which he actually did this morning after I left for work. His side of the room is always pretty clean, but I throw things all over the place. He’s too nice to ever actually get mad at me for being messy (I do always clean it up once it gets to be too much!). I’ll either get a Snapchat or a text with a picture of what he names “Mount Kilamakawenah,” where he piles everything on the floor that’s mine and makes a mountain. This morning he drew a rainbow over the mountain in his photo and said, “it’s big enough that it has its own rainbow.” He gets a kick out of it and it makes me laugh every time!

Something They Love About Each Other

Rob:  Marian has many great characteristics. She’s very thoughtful and considerate of others, always taking other people’s opinions into account. She has strong goals and works hard to reach them, which is probably my favorite part about her. I would also have to say that she has the best red hair.

Marian: My favorite characteristic of Rob is that he is always so calm. I can get frustrated, upset, angry, and he is always there to calm me down. In the end, he’s my rock and he’s really the only person that I have ever met who can keep so calm in stressful situations. If I make a mistake, misunderstand something, or just generally mess up, he always says something along the lines of “it’s okay, we’ll figure it out, we always do.” I also have to add that I love how hardworking and kind Rob is. He’s worked hard for everything in his life, he has extremely strong values, and doesn’t take any of it for granted.

Their Special Song

Rob: A special song for the two of us would be anything by Frank Sinatra, because it’s one of the only things I can dance to.

Marian: This is going to sound extremely odd, but I would consider our song to be “Mean” by Taylor Swift. First, you have to understand that we tease each other a lot.

There was a time in both of our lives when we studied abroad, forcing us to be long distance for seven or so months of our relationship. Rob left for Antwerp, Belgium for three months and I left a few weeks later for Paris, France for five months and then Florence, Italy for another two months. Before we left for Europe, “Mean” was extremely popular and it would come on the radio a lot. Rob would tease me that Taylor Swift told him that she wrote this song about me because I was so mean to leave him for another three months while I stayed in Europe. Over our time in Europe, and even once we both came back to the States, I would answer that Rob left me by leaving Europe after three months. Rob left for Europe first, so I also always said in my defense that I followed Rob to Europe, then I would say that Rob was the one who left Europe first, so he actually left me. It was constant playful banter, but it always made me smile because it showed me how much he cared and how much he missed me.

Don’t worry, we don’t plan on choosing “Mean” as the song for our first dance! We also love Frank Sinatra, Rob even took us to the show Let’s Be Frank: The Songs of Frank Sinatra at the Kennedy Center. Hopefully, in the coming months, we will find one of Frank’s gems to dance to on our wedding night!



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