Smokey Glen Farm Wedding in Gaithersburg, MD – Kristen & Danny

Kristen & Danny sure know how to throw a great party! Everyone had so much fun with the photo booth, custom cornhole, and fire pit. The entire day was a dream, from a picture perfect chapel to the beautiful grounds of Smokey Glen Farm. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

For me, the most joyful part of the day was when I was finally standing next to Danny and he leaned over to tell me how beautiful I looked. I looked out at all our friends and family and saw how happy everyone was for us. All the stress and anxiety melted away in that moment and I knew the rest of day was going to be amazing.

Right before seeing each other for the first time I was just trying really hard to hold back my tears. Everyone outside the chapel was talking all at once with so much excitement and it was overwhelming the sense of excitement mixed with my nervousness.

The most joyful part for me was watching the church doors open and Kristen started walking down the aisle. I was filled with so many great emotions and just couldn’t get over how incredibly beautiful she looked.

As I was standing up there waiting for her to come down the aisle I felt excited, but at the same time I was super nervous having all eyes on us. I knew as soon as I saw her I would get a little emotional so I was trying my best to not think about it.


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