Tidal Basin Engagement Photos in D.C. – Caroline & Keaton

We had such a great time with Caroline and Keaton! They’re such a fun couple and seeing them interact made it clear that they are a perfect match for each other. Their session got an extra dose of adorable from their four-legged friend, Howl, who rocked his bow-tie. Seriously, could he be any cuter?!

Favorite Dates

Caroline remembers: My favorite date would be during a busy semester in college when Keaton knew the week ahead of me was full of papers, tests, work shifts, and club meetings. He wanted to bring some cheer to what I thought would be a light day so he planned a surprise date with a delicious home cooked meal, a dvd of one of my favorite movies and a nice bottle of wine. He texted me earlier in the day trying to make sure I would be free at 6pm for dinner and I told him I would make it. Well because of a last minute group projects and long winded study groups 6 turned into 7 and 7 turned into 8 and by the time I was done for the day Keaton’s surprise had fallen apart. I always remember this date fondly because he had tried so hard to make sure I was happy. So even though the date didn’t go as planned I appreciated his kindness and care.

According to Keaton: My favorite date with Caroline was during our long distance phase when I came up to D.C. from Atlanta for Valentine’s Day. We began the date eating pizza and a chocolate Darth Vader head. We watched “The Maltese Falcon”, spoke to each other in old-timey voices, and later in the night threw snow balls at each other outside in the falling snow. Most importantly the light snow turned into a full blizzard and I couldn’t fly back the next day. Valentine’s Day 2015 became the date that never ended because every time I scheduled a flight back to Atlanta more snow would come or I would get a call for a job interview. Eventually, I got the interview that landed me a job and we have been together in DC ever since.

Silly Little Things

Caroline: When he is in a goofy and happy mood he likes to pour a drink and sing pirate songs with the dog.

Keaton: When she is in a silly mood she likes to sing musicals at the dog and dance with him like he is her singing partner. Obviously, the dog loves us both very much.

Speaking of songs, “Do you realize” by the Flaming Lips is our favorite song. It was the song we listened to when we ended up spending all night talking on Skype for the first time.

Something They Love About Each Other

Caroline: I admire Keaton’s ability to stay cool and levelheaded in tough situations. When life gets me down he is able to always break my fears down and show me the positives.

Keaton: I admire Caroline’s ability to stay driven, she expects more from herself which inspires me to do better and strive for my best.


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