Weatherly Farm Wedding in Newburg, MD – Carmen & Stephen

It was a gray and rainy start to Carmen and Stephen’s wedding day. But just before the ceremony was about to start the clouds parted and they got their outdoor ceremony. Talk about a stunning bride, Carmen was gorgeous! Since Stephen didn’t get to see her when they had a quite moment together earlier that morning he couldn’t wait to see how beautiful she looked.

Carmen felt the most joyful seeing everyone’s smiles as she walked down the aisle. She was super excited to see Stephen and his reaction, but also very nervous hoping she wouldn’t fall! Stephen’s grandparents are just as much in love today as they were the day they married and Stephen wanted to honor that legacy by giving Carmen his grandmother’s engagement ring. Such a beautiful foundation to build upon as they exchanged rings in front of family and friends.

Once they were officially married and announced as husband and wife walking into the reception, seeing all of their family and friends, that is when Stephen felt the most joy.

They both say “Married life has been great!” Carmen loves being married to her best friend and Stephen thinks they’re having more fun then ever.


Venue | Weatherly Farm

Makeup | Jenna McDonald

Hair | Mikaela Spencer

Florist | Country Florist

DJ | Metro DC DJ’S

Cake | Walls Bakery

Catering | Mikes BBQ & Catering


Gonzalez J. Wedding Photography


  1. LORI BUCKLER November 7, 2016

    So beautiful! What an amazing job! I just can”t believe how fantastic these pictures are! Thank You so much! Lori Buckler (mother of the bride!)

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