5 Mistakes Made When Hiring Wedding Photographers

How do you find the right photographer for you? Read the list below to avoid making any of the top 5 mistakes made when hiring wedding photographers. What do you have once your wedding is over?

  • Your spouse,
  • your wedding rings,
  • a treasure trove of memories,
  • and the photographs.

1. Not feeling a personal connection with your photographer.

  • You’ll probably spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than any other person.
  • It’s simply a must that you like this person and feel a personal connection!
  • Otherwise what should be a happy stress-free day can turn into an awkward less-than-ideal affair.

You also want to connect to your photographer’s images and style. When looking through a portfolio, how do the images make you feel? It’s important to love a photographer’s style because your wedding will be captured in the same fashion.

2. Hiring an inexperienced/amateur photographer.

  • Weddings are a big deal, and one professional wedding photographers do not take lightly. It takes endless hours of practice, hard work, and dedication to photograph weddings with confidence. And you deserve that in the photographer you choose to capture your day.
  • This is your one and only wedding day. Why settle for substandard work that makes your wedding look nothing like you dreamed it would?
  • If you’re on a tight budget, it may at first be tempting to let a friend/family member who has a nice camera shoot your wedding for free or crazy cheap, even though they’re without prior experience.
  • You’re then left with snapshots, a hot mess you’re embarrassed to show off.

Read testimonials and reviews from a photographer’s past clients. Ask to see one or two full wedding galleries. Make sure they’re the real deal for your very real wedding. And that their work measures up to what you envision for your wedding.

3. Letting your budget overrule your heart.

  • Most engaged couples aren’t sure how to come up with a dollar amount for their photography budget.
  • They may follow the advice of family or popular wedding blogs, but more often than not the info is irrelevant to most markets.
  • Or maybe they pulled a number out of thin air and have stuck with it because it sounded good at the time?
  • Don’t be ruled by a number or settle for a mediocre photography experience.

If you have a limited overall budget and are worried about getting the photographer you love and having all of the elements that you’ve dreamed of, well a great photographer can and WILL make your day look like a million bucks no matter your budget.

Consider putting off less important purchases like wedding favors or extra decorations and putting it toward your photography budget instead.

4. Choosing a photographer who doesn’t care about the aspects of your wedding you’re most excited about.

  • The details and elements you choose for your wedding make your day unique and special to you and your fiancé embrace them!
  • Your prospective photographer should be excited to showcase and highlight each one.

The most important aspects might be having a full-on reunion vibe, or the details you’ve envisioned for months. Or maybe it’s the quirky, offbeat and nontraditional elements you’ve included and want to showcase.

Your photographer should be able to bring your vision to light in their photographs.

5. Not contacting the photographer you love immediately.

  • There are only 52 precious weekends a year.
  • For wedding photographers, those fill up FAST.

As soon as you’ve found a prospective photographer, contact them to make sure they can get your date on their calendar!

There are zero chances to recapture the moments of your wedding. Take care and consideration to avoid making any of the top 5 mistakes made when hiring wedding photographers.

We hope you find this helpful in finding that perfect photographer just for you! If you want to find out more about us, and how we can help you plan and photograph your wedding day, please fill out the contact form here.


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