Kennedy Center Engagement Photos – Savonna and Brook

The John F. Kennedy Center is a stunning location for a portrait session and it certainly didn’t disappoint after Savonna and Brook’s session a couple of weeks ago! We had a marvelous time exploring the grounds of the iconic Washington DC spot, including the rooftop, beautiful and lush terraces. Savonna and Brook were troopers as we wandered all around the buildings on the property, chasing the perfect golden light from the clear sunset and soaking in every bit of the fall greenery surrounding us on every side.

Savanna wore a beautiful white dress to create an outfit that was both totally appropriate for the formality the Kennedy Center tends to evoke while still being comfortable in the crisp fall air. Thankfully it was warm enough outside that we were able to enjoy the last bits of warm sunshine from the day to capture some of our absolute favorite engagement photos have’ve taken yet. Savonna and Brook claimed to be a little uncomfortable in front of the camera but our goodness you wouldn’t know it from these stunning photos!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Kennedy Center, we absolutely recommend it. We had so much fun exploring it and could easily have kept our session going for another hour if we’d had the light to keep going exploring the whole campus.


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