How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

3 Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer to cover your wedding is an important decision, and is a big part of the experience of your day. The first things a couple needs to select when planning a wedding themselves are the Venue and photographer. There are three things to keep in mind as you select the perfect photographer.


1. Previous Work

A photographer’s portfolio is the number one example of their work. If you don’t like what you see in their portfolio, run for the hills! Chances are really good you’ll be disappointed with their work if you move forward. Since you’re investing so much money in this part of your wedding, it’s crucial you LOVE their work. If you don’t, keep looking.


2. Personal Connection

If you don’t like your potential photographer’s personality when you first meet them, you aren’t likely to change your opinion on your wedding day. Keep in mind that on a day full of potential to be highly stressful, your photographer plays a crucial role. They have the power to help you relax or, if you don’t have a good connection, you could find yourself annoyed, or worse, by them.

An important way to get a sense for a photographer’s heart is to ask them their reason why they do what they do. What you want is someone who is passionate not just about pretty pictures but about learning who you are so they can beautifully capture your unique story.

While it may seem strange to have a photographer asking you personal questions during your first conversation, that’s what your wedding is, personal. Let your photographer in; share your hopes and dreams for the day and your future as a couple. This will allow your photographer to intentionally create images in a way that highlights who you are.


3. Pricing Options

Beyond the overall cost, you’ll want to know what is include in the price. Your photographer should automatically send you their package offerings, but if they only share proofs with you when you want digital files, they probably aren’t right for you. Most professional photographers are more than willing to customize their packages for you, and are typically upfront about costs. If they can’t or won’t work with you, then you should look into finding someone who will accommodate your needs.


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