Planning Your Perfect Wedding in the Cooler Season

During the cooler months, there’s a unique charm in the air, ideal for orchestrating your ideal wedding and transforming brisk days into a backdrop for your special day. We can only reorganize the house so many times, you know? So we have decided to pour our creative energy into something new!

For all the brides out there trying to plan a wedding during this uncertain time – THIS IS FOR YOU! You might be frustrated at how little you could do to plan as the world stood still. However the more you think about it, the more you might see there’s actually A LOT you can still do to plan right here from your cozy, sunny living room!

So we have put together this list of things you can check off your to do list right now to stay inspired and on top of your planning during quarantine!

Make your wedding inspiration board!

For couples at the beginning stages of their wedding planning, grab a pair of scissors, some markers, a couple magazines, print a few photos from your pinterest board, and craft yourself a little mood board! This is a great way to guide your decision making down the road to make sure you stay the course with your preferred style and vision.

Start browsing venues + ask about virtual tours

So many businesses are working hard to make things more available for us digitally at the moment. After all, the show must go on! Narrow down your top 5 venues, browse through what photos they have available online, and ask the coordinators about a FaceTime tour! Don’t forget to look up #yourvenuename on instagram to see photos other couples have posted too!

Stalk your favorite vendors + book Zoom dates

As a wedding professional ourselves, we are still meeting with couples on Google Hangouts and booking weddings for 2021. It’s a great way to have warm conversations, book the vendors you love most, AND do our part to #stopthespread.

Make your guest list + collect addresses

Admittedly, collecting the addresses of all your guests isn’t the most exciting thing on your to do list, but what better time to touch base with everyone while we’re all stuck at home!

Write your vows

Being at home all day everyday with my husband, Jonathan, has undoubtedly opened my eyes to the ways he truly lights up my life. I’m extroverted and having a hard time being away from my community. So, he’s been going above and beyond to be my main source of socialization and positivity. Setting up games for us to play, guiding us on long walks around our favorite parks, and just being so gentle and caring. I love him so deeply for his compassion, and the other day I thought, ‘dang, this is great vow material!’

Rock that reception playlist

Looking for a great way to have some fun in the living room? How about a living room concert! Turn up the volume and jam out to your favorite songs while sipping wine and crafting a great list of jams to give your DJ! Don’t be shy to test out a few first dance songs too.

Create your wedding day timeline

This is a little daunting to do on your own, as you probably have never planned a wedding day before, but that’s what your wedding professionals are for! Take it from me – we all have time on our hands! It’s the best feeling to have hard times for hair + makeup, ceremony, photos, dinner, etc… so when your friends and family start asking, you can keep them properly in the loop.

Work on those hand made projects

This is a great time to tackle those crafty projects you’ve been dreaming about, but may not have had the time for! We know we’d like to decorate our walls with hanging frame pictures from previous road trips we have taken across the United States. We are also starting to brainstorm some gift ideas for our grandparents during this hard times of isolation! We know a lot of small businesses would be overjoyed with a few extra online orders to keep themselves afloat during this weird time, too. It’s a win-win!

So there we have it! Eight ways you can keep your engagement excitement alive and enjoy planning your wedding right from your living room!

All our best to you and yours during this uncertain time. We’ve got this!


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