What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

As you think about your engagement session, deciding what to wear is a big decision, but should also be fun! As photographers, we know that certain things look especially good from behind the lens. Here are our tips to help make your wardrobe choice easier!

1. Personality

You want to look at your portraits and feel that they reflect the best of who you and your finace(e) are. Two great ways to do this:

– Outfit change! That way you can have a more relaxed and casual look along with one that’s a little more fancy; and
– Accessories 🙂 The perfect way to incorporate fun & interesting details like jewelry, scarves, fashionable hats, and belts.

2. Flattering

True fact – the engagement glow makes everyone look amazing! To totally rock it, here are a few bonus tips:

– Think about how you want to highlight your favorite feature, like wearing a color that brings our your eyes;
– Structured pieces, like jackets, are excellent for helping create the shape you want. A baggy fit doesn’t look good on anyone;
– Consider a variety of textures, such as denim, silks, metals, leather, etc.; and
– Rich, vibrant colors look great and always photograph well. Keep in mind, if you both want to wear the same color it’s best to mix up the tone or shade.

3. Practical Advice

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the season, time of day, and location of your session.

– If the forecast is on the cool side, don’t hesitate to bring jackets or dress in layers. You can always ditch them for a few pictures and then use them to warm up again; and
– If you’re planning to wear stylish, but perhaps not so comfy shoes, think about bringing a pair to change into while walking from place to place.

4. Finishing Touches

This is the perfect time to pamper yourself:

– Schedule a nail appointment and splurge on professional hair and makeup. A bit of extra polish from the experts can make a world of difference in your portraits; and
– Don’t forget, your sparkler will be getting a close up, so don’t forget to clean that ring!


5. Relax and Enjoy

Once you’ve made your outfit choice(s) and are ready for your session, it’s time to celebrate! All that’s left to do is take a deep breath, remember the moment you knew this was THE ONE and relish spending an hour, or two, with your beloved.

This sounds amazing! How do we book?

Contact us here, or simply fill out the form below to Check Availability and Reserve Your Date! Letting us know that you want an Engagement Session and what date you’d like. We’ll schedule a time to chat, discuss creative ideas for your session, and answer any remaining questions you have. As a bonus we’ll send over a STYLE GUIDE PDF for more ideas!


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