Georgetown D.C. Engagement Pictures – Erica & Chris

Even with the cold weather of D.C., this couple radiated love as they walked around Georgetown to celebrate their engagement. It was a delight to watch the joy on their faces as they talked and laughed with one another.  A wonderful start to their life together!

Here is what Erica has to say about Chris

When Chris and I met, there is no denying the instant connection we had. Then he told me he had a dog, and if you know me, you know at that very moment, I was like putty in his hands. Like Chris, Juicy has been an amazing addition to my life. While I was falling in love with Chris, I was simultaneously falling in love with Juice. I tell you this because Julius is, for lack of a better term, Chris’s Baby; and he has become mine as well. Animals have an amazing ability to seek out great people and I knew Chris was a keeper when Bear, my cat, was following Chris around begging him for affection. If you ask Chris, he’ll tell you he’s not a fan of cats, but when you see him with Bear, it’ll melt your heart.

I am constantly filled with pride as I watch Chris build his empire. Starting your own business at 30 years old is impressive; but being successful as well, is unbelievable! I am beyond proud of him and consider myself privileged to be by his side, both personally and professionally.

Chris’s passion and zest for life continuously keeps me on my toes; and I love it! He’s introduced me to wonderful musicians, played guitar and sang for me, confused me with his team choices, yet somehow I find myself wearing their jerseys (except for the Eagles), he’s laughed with me, traveled with me and shared his world with me. He possesses so many incredible qualities… he’s extremely loving, he’s tremendously passionate, he’s endlessly caring, he’s an absolute blast, he’s encouraging, he’s supportive, he challenges me and he grounds me. But most of all, he is my faithful partner, best friend, and one true love.

The definition of love: an intense feeling of deep affection… And I can say without hesitation, I have nothing but love for Chris!

Here is what Christ has to say about Erica

I’ll never forget that day in June 2012, walking into the infamous Bobby Lew’s, seeing this beautiful girl in a blue dress. Immediately I made my way over to her to strike up conversation. We made the initial small talk, and eventually I brought up my pool where I was living. Erica made asking if she would like to get together easy on me by stating without hesitation, “I WANT TO GO TO YOUR POOL!”. Never in my life have I gone to bed and woke the next morning with such anticipation. The rule of waiting a couple days to call a girl did not apply with Erica. I was calling right then and there. As it turned out, we never went to my pool, but we did meet at a mutual friend’s pool. I was in love Erica after one day together, and she has been The Slice ever since.

Erica has to be one of the most driven, motivated, determined, risk taking people I have ever met. I mean how many people do you know that have jumped over 50 times out of perfectly good airplane aside from Bodhi in the movie Point Break? Even more impressive Erica has taken a role in a new industry and has absolutely crushed it from day one, while earning the respect of everyone she comes in contact with. It makes me so proud to see how much she has accomplished professionally in such a short time. Consistently her colleagues tell me what a rock star she is. But it doesn’t stop there! O no, not even close. It’s not everyday that a guy can be walking downtown in DC and say, “Hey, see that two story banner of the girl working out on the side of the Verizon Center? Yeah, she’s with me!”.

There are however two things that I love about Erica above all else, and I will start with her incredibly huge heart. One example is the way she has cares so much for my dog, Julius, and developed a lasting bond with him. Their connection is really special, and she has made him as much hers as he is mine. For those that know me well, understand why I hold this in such high regard and it can be left at that. But my favorite part of my relationship with Erica is that she is my best friend in the world, and I can always count on her being in my corner. It is hands down what makes me head over heels, to the moon and back, in love with her. Every day feels so fresh. Whether going out to cut loose or lounging at home, I feel like the luckiest person alive, because those times are spent with my beautiful bride, Slice.

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    Thanks for sharing. True love and respect does still exist <3 The best to you both~

  3. AGE March 4, 2015

    Its so good to see you both again in the fabulous photos… love the video! Was that Chris singing in video? You two love birds are so meant to be together forever…what a striking couple you are inside and out. So happy you both found the best in each other …blessings to you both, love Age

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