Lincoln Memorial Engagement Shoot – Erica & Jeremy

What happens when North meets South (Dakota that is)? You get this amazing couple! We had so much fun with Erica and Jeremy as during their classic DC engagement session. We’re so happy for you two!

The First Date

Erica Remembers:
Jeremy and I met up at Rocket Bar in Chinatown so we could play Buck Hunter.  I was overconfident in my skills and talked a lot of trash at the start, but Jeremy absolutely annihilated me.  Jeremy was so comically encouraging that I didn’t mind being crushed.  During our first date, Jeremy proudly talked about the jewelry his mom sells on Etsy.  I thought it was really sweet (and intriguing)!  Since that first date, I have received several pieces of her jewelry (including the necklaces and earrings I wore in our photos).

First Date – Jeremy’s Version:
After both my roommates found their future wives on OKCupid, they hounded me and hounded me until I agreed to make a profile of my own, especially since I had spent 5 months sitting at home recovering from a ruptured Achilles heel.  I didn’t do much with the website, but there was one profile I kept going back to, to try to work up the courage to send a message. Obviously, it was Erica’s. Her profile was clever and I loved that she was as proud of her North Dakota roots as I was of South Dakota.  She saw that I bragged about my Buckhunter skills and challenged me to prove it.  So our first date was at the Rocket Bar, where they always have the latest Buck Hunter machines.  I was extremely nervous when we first sat down and my babbling made that apparent.  But once we got around to shooting some electronic deer, we were both totally at ease, talking smack like old friends.  And yes, I destroyed her score.  Most awkward moment: Erica politely declining to see the 7-inch long scar on my heel from the surgery despite me asking her like 5 times. Despite this hiccup, we both enthusiastically agreed to a second date, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Silly Little Things

Erica doesn’t eat any condiments!  No ketchup, no mayo, no mustard – nothing!  Which is bizarre to me as someone with a fridge full of at least 7 different flavors of mustard alone and every dipping sauce you can imagine.

Jeremy’s constantly tries to come up with the most ridiculous, sickly sweet pet names. “Baby pie,” sugar dumpling,” and “sugar plum” are his current favorites. I used to think it was mildly annoying but now I anxiously await the next outrageous mashup.

Falling in Love

Jeremy is the funniest person in the world.  He is such a talented comedic story teller!  Seriously, ask him about his one, and only, ski trip to Vail.  Jeremy also has a knack for punking me.  And I never learn!  He always gets me!

Erica is the most selfless person I know.  She volunteers more than anyone I’ve ever known, whether giving hours of her Saturday almost every week to give tours at the Hillwood museum, or volunteering to be a council person at her church, or volunteering to babysit kids of disadvantaged families while their parents take classes to better their situation.  She’s amazingly generous with her time.

She is also the most intuitive and perceptive person I know. When we watch shows together, she almost always guesses right what’s going to happen next.  It’s incredible.  She should have been a writer!  There’s still time actually.

Their Special Song

Anything by Slayer.  As Jeremy said, it’s tough because we like so much of the same music.  But I’m going to say “South of Heaven” by Slayer because I love to troll her in the car with it.  It’s Satanic speed metal from the 80s, and she hates it — I don’t even like it myself but I love watching her face when I randomly play it.


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