Hey there, we’re Jonathan and Ruth, the husband and wife team of Gonzalez J. Wedding Photography! We are passionate about marriage and fiercely believe that a wedding is all about celebrating the vows you make to one another.

Our brides and grooms want lasting memories, images that bring a smile to their face and remind them of a sweet moment and their deep love for each other even when times get tough. They want to look back and know they worked with a professional who helped them treasure their relationship. We do just that.

How would we describe ourselves?

While we take our jobs seriously, we do like to crack jokes and make people laugh.

How would we describe our photography style?

A cross between fine-art and documentary. I love making my images creative, colorful, and crisp so that they are really eye-catching. I am always looking to capture the romance, fun, and emotions of the couples that I shoot so that they can have photos that really represent their love.

What first got Jonathan into photography?

I have been interested in photography since college (I minored in photography). It was the process of going through our own wedding that made me realize that wedding photography was my true passion. I like using my artistic eye to create images that speak to a couple’s relationship and show the beauty of their commitment.

What is our favorite thing about wedding photography?

Every part of the wedding day is special to us. We love capturing the details and candid photos of guests interacting with each other or bustin’ a move on the dance floor. We always try to get at least a few portraits of our couples during sunset – these are always some of the favorite photos from the day! Above all, it’s such a gift to celebrate marriage with our couples. We are so grateful to capture love stories on the most important day of our couples’ lives!

What is the most memorable moment we have of working in the wedding industry?

I was shooting a wedding where the father of the bride was very serious throughout the majority of the day. I couldn’t get him to smile, his personality was so serious. But then came the moment of the first dance with his daughter. He started sobbing, not for long, but just for a moment. Even though I didn’t connect with him like I wanted to, that moment during the dance made me realize how important weddings are. Moments like that help me not take my job for granted. It was a very beautiful moment between father and daughter.

What is the best thing a client can do for us?

Being in front of the camera can be intimidating, but having an engagement session with your wedding photographer can help build confidence and remind you to slow down in the midst of the busy wedding planning. It’s a chance to enjoy each other and relax. We love capturing the engagement season because it’s a chance to get to know the couple a little bit more. The more we know the couple and their vision for the day, the better we can capture as much as possible on their wedding day.

What’s a tip you have for an aspiring photographer?

Try to find someone who you admire their work and see if they can mentor you. A mentor is very valuable. Also, just try to learn as much. Humble yourself. And always keep trying.

What are our hobbies in addition to photography?

When we are not shooting weddings, you’ll probably find us traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures. You can catch us at some of the amazing breakfast places around D.C. Some of our favorites are coffee from Peregrine and blueberry buckwheat pancakes with eggs benedict from Eastern Market.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know more about us and our passion for photography! We look forward to being able to help you capture your special day!

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