The Importance of a Wedding Day Timeline

Unless you want your wedding photos to capture just a segment of your wedding day, you’d want to have a wedding timeline handy for your wedding photographer.

This will enable him to plan out his strategy and be present at every given moment. What a shame if your wedding photographer shows up late and misses the part when you or your soon-to-be spouse are preparing for the wedding because he didn’t have any idea about your wedding timeline.

You then regret not having photos of the bridal gown and shoes spread artistically on top of the bed with the bouquet of white roses. You would have wanted your wedding photographer to create a dramatic before-and-after transformation of the bride. Imagine a silhouette photo of the bridal veil floating like a feather as it gently crowns the bride’s hair. That would look great in the centerfold of your wedding album.

What about candid moments of the groom waiting anxiously by the door to be replaced by a smile of relief as the bridal car approaches the driveway?

This can be planned too if the wedding photographer knows when to show up at the right time. Glimpses of the blooming bride inside the car and when she steps out of it would make lasting impressions on print.

Knowing the time of day when the ceremony starts and ends will allow the wedding photographer to set up the lighting and effects and ensure great wedding photos indoors and outdoors. He can plan to take portraits of your kissing silhouettes as the sun sets at the background.

Venues of the wedding ceremony and reception will give a heads up to your photographer and his crew on planning the logistics so that every magic moment is captured by the camera. The lead photographer may opt to sit beside the driver and take photos while the car is en route to the banquet. His assistant may take charge of snapshotting guests with their wine glasses at the reception hall.

What about group photos?

Do you plan to escort families and friends to a backyard garden where this can be arranged in an orderly fashion while the rest of the guests can enjoy the wide array of cakes and appetizers, mingle around, and enjoy the live patio music? Careful timeline planning can avoid inconveniences to your guests and ensure they are not left hungry and waiting while you’re busy doing romantic poses under the trees.

How late do you plan the wedding to last?

Is your venue capped for the night or will there be more surprises for the guests after the full course has been served? Let this not surprise the photographer, who may be busy packing his stuff and miss the fireworks in the garden to culminate the evening. What a disaster that would be!

Each part of the wedding from preparation to saying goodbyes after the reception is best written on a piece of paper in a carefully planned timeline. This way, your wedding photographer can dance in sync with your tune and capture each note in perfect pitch.

As your wedding photographer, We’d be happy to walk with you at each step of your timeline and help plan your special day.


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