The Beauty in the Small Details

Your wedding day is going to full of big moments, but don’t forget about the beauty of the small details that happen throughout your big day.

Your wedding day is quite a milestone in your life and it is said that it goes by in a blink of an eye. Experiencing the day as your wedding photographer, we would have to agree that the day goes by extremely quickly and that is why we like to focus in on some of the smaller details that might not seem as important day of, but something you’ll wish you had been captured months or years later.

Your Accessories

Maybe it is something new, old, blue or borrowed. Or maybe it is a simple piece of jewelry or a pair of cute wedding shoes. They may seem like small things in the moment, but a photo can capture a memory you didn’t realize was associated with said accessory. A mother of the bride asked if we would take a photo of a small diamond necklace as a surprise for her daughter, so we snuck off and snapped a quick few photos. It turns out, that necklace was worn by her mother and by her grandmother and now she was to wear it on her wedding day. She didn’t even know the necklace had been photographed until after her wedding day, but thanks to her mother, she now has a photo of it as well as some other small others, like her bridesmaids sparkly shoes, her custom converse and of course, her wedding ring.

Taking the time to talk with your capture team about these potentially over looked accessories, will ensure that the details are captured for you and your fiancé to look back on. We love the little details. We love setting them up, arranging different pieces together and playing around with angles and light to showcase them in their most perfect and unique ways and when we chat about your wedding photography wants and needs, we ask about what details are important to capture. And if the little details really aren’t on your top priority, thats ok as well! we still might snap a couple anyways 😉

The In-between Moments

Some of our all time favorite photos are those moments that disappear in the blink of an eye. If you and your soon to be spouse are an emotional couple, share that with us! Or if you aren’t, tell us because you never know when something might cause you to be more emotional than expected and we will be ready to photograph the moment for you to relive.

When it comes to your wedding day, something we hope you take away from this article, is communication is key. Let your vendors do what they do best, but don’t forget to chat with all of us and communicate your wants and needs if we don’t ask. Which we probably will because we don’t want to miss anything either. Your wedding day is going to be filled with huge moments, and those little moments are just as special. Let’s not let them fall through the cracks!


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