So, Your Groom Doesn’t Want An Engagement Session?

Here Are Three Reasons It Will Make His Wedding Day More Relaxed!

Shocker, your groom isn’t excited to be in front of the camera for an hour or more. Does that mean that an engagement session sounds over the top for him? Probably. Fortunately, here are three benefits you can explain to your hubby to be so that he understands its importance and will get pumped for your engagement session.

1. You’ll get to know your photographer

This is your chance to have a one-on-one session with the person who will capture the most important moments of your life. Sometimes, couples don’t meet their photographer until their wedding day, but an engagement session is a crucial time to build a deep relationship with someone who will share seriously intimate moments with you and your love. Getting in front of the camera before your big day will break the ice and build trust so that by your wedding day, he will have no doubt he will rock it!


2. You’ll get comfortable being photographed

We love encouraging couples to get close and romantic! If you aren’t someone who loves PDA, then being all mushy in front of your photographer on your wedding day could be uncomfortable. During an engagement session, we learn more about the two of you, what makes you connect with each other, your style, and how you interact with one another. This will make your wedding portraits a breeze!

The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the better your pictures will turn out. You might be nervous or anxious at first, but an engagement session is designed to help you remember that once the camera starts snapping all you have to do is relax. Of course, it also helps you get used to the idea of having your own personal paparazzi before the big day. Especially at the beginning when your groom is on his own, think of it as one less thing he has to be nervous about 🙂


3. You’ll get better photos

If you’re spending thousands of dollars on your wedding photography, then it’s only right you’d want to make sure they look the best they possibly can. Your wedding photos definitely benefit if you have an engagement session beforehand. Most of the couples we work with aren’t models. Not that they aren’t beautiful people, they just don’t have the professional resume. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry because we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Being in front of the camera can be kind of intimidating, but once you see that we understand what works best for you and how to make you look fantastic, you will be able to relax and trust that we are creating gorgeous images on your wedding day!


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